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Grumblykins [userpic]
Prod Prod


The sooner this post is filled with writing prompts, the sooner I can wreck your LJ feeds with my nonsense.

Have at it.

Also, thanks.


What kind of mischief is Grum getting up to while Sasha is off in Onhur? :)

Charging around with his kids but also OH YES THANK YOU

Them kids is trouble! (Also, yes please.)

I've been tapped for mischief. Yes, Calanthia may be up for some mischief.

a prompt, you say?

At the Feb. event, Grum met Josselyn (new character, Bayastri Herald), when she proved that she could braid anyone's hair, even Grum's. He yelled at her to "watch your back, young'un" during a battle, and then insisted that she eat dinner with the Company. A little later on, he told her that he "wished you could have seen us all in our heyday".

Does Grum think their heyday is over, or just hibernating? What advice would he give Josselyn (or any newcomer to Shadowfane)?

tetsutora's Monk has asked Marieth to join Thousand Roads in learning... what does he see?

(I'll make you a promise... you write for me, I'll write for you).


Write a Holiday piece... something about giving and receiving and learning.


... Kevin and I might be looking to repeat our collaboration.


Re: OR...

*flails uselessly at the screen*


Obviously, I just want more Clockwork.

Yay Clockwork AND Mirror, Mirror!!

I'd love to see one of the letters that Grum writes to his kids while he's away.

I think I'd like to see a 'snapshot/day in the life of Thousand Roads'.

Trials of an Overly Intelligent Water Nymph

Stars above, Satyrs are so foolish. Or maybe its just my satyr. I'm not sure. Either way... I'm sitting by the pool my feet in the water and my satyr sidles up to me with a mug and expects the Moon. I point to the Moon reflected in the still water and he blinks at me blankly.